Q: What made you want to travel together?

A: We met on a volunteer trip to Mexico 3 years ago, and have been inseparable ever since! It gave us a thirst for travelling, and travelling has made our friendship stronger. When you spend every day together, facing challenges and discovering amazing places, you are bonded for life! Plus, why travel alone when you can share the experience with your best friend?


Q: What equipment do you use for photos?

A: Between us, we have a GoPro Hero4 for wide angle shots and videos, and a Sony ILCE-3500 for all the beautiful landscape and scenery shots.

Q: How can you afford to travel so much?

A: It’s difficult for us to afford travelling as we’re both students. We have been saving for years with part-time jobs, in order to have enough money to complete our bucket list. That’s why budget travelling is so important to us; we know it seems impossible, so we’d love to share our secrets!

Q: What’s your dream destination?

A: Tough question! Any place can be unforgettable if you look in the right places…but you can’t go wrong with Cuba! Retro cars, fancy cigars, salsa dancing with cocktails on the beach – yes please!