Legend has it, the Full Moon Party was initially just a group of friends celebrating a birthday, but these days it’s a once-a-month mental beach party! On average, 20,000 people arrive on Haad Rin Beach on the island of Koh Phangan every month to drink, dance and party! It’s a night you won’t forget, and we have the perfect guide!



beachThe islanders are smart and know how to make money and, as such, most hostels have a minimum night’s stay of 3 or 4 nights. This might seem unfair and annoying, but you’ll certainly be needing the next day to recover, so it’s only really one or two extra nights. There’s loads of amazing beaches on the island itself, so there’s plenty to do apart from the full moon party. Plus, there are parties almost every night (such as a jungle party!) so it’s definitely not the worst place to spend a few more days!

We highly recommend paying that little extra for air conditioning, as we’d originally gone for the cheaper option and almost drowned in our own sweat. It’s hot! There are tons of options for little private rooms, but most come with a fan instead so it’s not worth it! Our air-conditioned 20 bed dorm was far more welcoming!


Here’s where things get a little harder – but we have a kit list and price list for you!

  • TSHIRTS: Basic Full Moon Party uniform demands the wear of a hideous neon yellow/ green/ pink or orange t-shirts. If you’re buying more than one make sure to haggle; you can reduce the price from 150baht to 100!
  • RAVE PAINT: Half the fun of a night out is getting ready, particularly when there’s paint involved! Do not buy paint at street stalls as they are more expensive; instead, opt for buying it at the supermarket for around 40baht per pot! HOWEVER, you can get free rave paint when you arrive at the beach or when you order drinks at certain bars, so play it by ear!

tranpsortIt will cost you 100baht to get to the Full Moon Party, with no haggling possible. Unfortunately, taxi drivers know that you need to get to Haad Rin Beach and they have all decided to charge 100 baht per person, so save time and pay up. You will have to pay upfront, but you will get there.

Taxi drivers will also wait until they have the full 8 people in their vehicles, as they’re trying to make the most amount of money as possible. Please be patient; the party lasts all night and they’re just trying to make a living!

Typically, it’s easier to negotiate price for the way back, so hopefully you can save some money on the way back!


raveUpon arrival, you will receive a wristband after paying your entrance fee of 150baht and then you’re in! The walk up from the entrance to the beach is full of drink stalls selling buckets of alcohol and mixers (yes, buckets!) for 150baht, but you can negotiate if buying more than one. BEWARE: Thai alcohol and energy drinks are a little different, so don’t overdo it on the buckets as they are very strong!hands

The beach itself is a party animal’s heaven! The entire stretch is filled with miniature stages for different genres of music, with bright lights and people everywhere! Hop onto a podium, admire the fire tricks – but, no matter what your vodka tells you, don’t try to jump the flaming rope! Trust us, we’ve seen people getting pretty burnt from a misjudgement!

But, on a serious note, the night is crazy and definitely one you won’t forget! If you can handle yourself, you can catch the sunrise on the beach and still be partying! Drink up and enjoy the ride!


  • Wear footwear! The temptation to walk through the sand barefoot is great, but getting glass in your foot and ending your night early isn’t worth it!firetricks
  • Watch your buckets! It’s really cool to have your drink in a sandcastle bucket, but it’s also easier to get spiked so be careful.
  • Don’t bring your valuables! There’s certainly no ID checks in Thailand, so leave what you can securely locked up to avoid losing it on the beach – trust us, you won’t find them again!
  • Don’t go to the toilets! They’re disgusting and you have to pay for them, plus there’s no toilet roll – if possible, hold it in!
  • Enjoy the night! Going to a Full Moon Party is bucket list material, so make the most of it!