15628751_10207623016908952_1653656984_oWhen you think of the Irish, one thing tends to come to mind: drinking. From Bulmers to Baileys, there’s a drink for every occasion – and the pubs will always be full! But when it comes to drinking, the top choice is Guinness every time for an Irishman, and you simply can’t visit Dublin without visiting the Guinness Storehouse too. Thank you to the team at the Guinness Storehouse for letting us see where the magic happens!


We took the 747 Airlink Express bus from the Airport to Heuston Station, which took about an hour. In the last stretch of the journey, you will see the Guinness Factory on the left hand side of the road – DO NOT BE FOOLED! The factory is not the same as the Storehouse, and the entrance on Victoria Quay is for trucks (and yes, we found that out the hard way). Instead, exit the station and turn right, walk up past St Patrick’s Hospital and then follow the directions signposted!


15682394_10207623014748898_182276119_oThe tour itself is designed to last about an hour, with seven floors of interactive and fascinating information about the history, production and popularity of Guinness. You’ll find the gift store on the first floor, filled with ‘Guinness’ marked merchandise ranging from Christmas
baubles to waterproof jackets – and don’t worry, you’ll have to pass it again on the way out!

The second floor is where you’ll get your first taste, in a room where you will literally drink, sleep and breathe Guinness; there are four cylinders pouring out the different smells of Guinness ingredients, and a bar serving you miniature glasses of the beer. As it’s a self-guided tour, you can spend as much time as you like getting eerie shots of your Guinness in the steam, so go crazy!15631171_10207623016628945_946582350_o

The next few floors are interactive and highly informative, ranging from a wide-screen room playing all the adverts ever shown, to a bar where you pour your own pint! There’s a lot more to it than you’d think; you have to tilt the glass and slowly straighten it as you pour, wait a few minutes for it to settle and then fill it to the top – but, if you manage to pour a drinkable pint, you’re rewarded with a certificate. One for the CV, we think!


15658600_10207623015388914_43421076_oFinally, you reach the top floor, a.k.a the Gravity Bar. Looking out onto Dublin from the seventh floor of the Storehouse, with a fresh Guinness in your hand and a room filled with equally happy people, you know you’ve peaked in life. The staff at the bar are incredible, there’s free Wifi and there are plenty of seats for you to sit down and enjoy your final drink.


As travellers, it’s our responsibility to experience the culture of the country we’re visiting and, as cultures go, the Irish culture of drinking is certainly up there. Even if you don’t like Guinness, the Storehouse provides a fun, cheap experience that is the epitome of Irish. Follow up your tour with a pub lunch and a pint at Temple Bar, and you’ll become Irish.